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Most gas heater repairs can be handled on the spot by our gas heater repair technicians, as they are trained and equipped for the job. As part of the evaluation, the technician will determine the age of your furnace, determine if the unit is still under warranty, and prepare an estimate for the repairs. In addition, he will answer questions you may have regarding your heating system in order to assist you in making an informed decision. We have a large inventory of parts in our vehicles, which will take as little time as possible for your home to be comfortable once again.

We at HVAC installation PRO do not consider any heater repair job too small, and will be able to assist you in the shortest time possible. Your home and family need to be safe, warm, and comfortable, and we have the knowledge and expertise you need.

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Years of quality service


Years of quality service

Keeping Customers Satisfied

Every project we work on is focused on total customer satisfaction.

An Experienced Technician

We obtain our technicians' training, certification, background checks, uniforms, and drug tests in a professional manner.

Pricing Transparency

All of our products and services come with fair, up-front pricing and flexible financing options.

Top-of-the-line Guarantees

You deserve to feel at ease! The service, maintenance and repair guarantees we provide for furnaces and gas heaters are unparalleled.

A Service Available on Demand

The service vehicles we have on hand are fully stocked, so we can resolve your heating problems on the spot!

24/7 Customer Care Center

Our customer service representatives are always available to you when you call.

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How to Hire a Gas Heater Repair Contractor?

We employ EPA-certified, NCI-trained personnel who are highly capable of determining the best course of action. The problem may be caused by a defective part such as a circuit board or motor, an ignitor, gas valve, flame sensor, or a malfunctioning thermostat. 

We will explain your repair options in detail to you whatever your furnace’s repair needs may be. We offer a variety of furnace repair services. Unless otherwise stated on your estimate, most repairs have a 12 month warranty.

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Unusual noises and smells, expensive energy bills, and systems not heating properly are some of the signs to look for. You may want to consider calling HVAC installation PRO for service if you experience any of these symptoms.
To troubleshoot your HVAC system before contacting a company, there are a few simple and safe steps you can take. If the thermostat is set on a timer or nothing is heating, check that it is on the desired setting. Replace dirty air filters if necessary. Check the circuit breaker as well.
Detecting CO2 leaks is extremely important because they are extremely dangerous. You may experience elevated gas bills, smell sulfur-like gas, or feel lightheaded and fatigued if you have a gas leak. Immediately call your gas company if you suspect a leak and turn the gas off as needed.
Having your heater maintained regularly is an inexpensive and easy way to prevent frequent repairs. We offer multiple maintenance plans at affordable prices.
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