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What is Your Choice – Heat Pump or Electric Heater?

How to install the perfect heating system

Homeowners often find themselves torn about whether to go with a heat pump or an electric heater when it comes to heating installation in Staten Island or Brooklyn. Having both on offer comes with their share of plus points and disadvantages, which makes for a dilemma. Both require long-term investments, so they should be installed with care. The decision is usually made in accordance with certain parameters.

The right heating installation in Brooklyn or in Staten Island

Heat pumps and electric heaters are weighed on the following parameters to determine which is more efficient:

The installation space needed for each

The electrical heaters are embedded in the process tanks, so they don’t take up much space. The heat pumps are more difficult to install as opposed to electrical heaters. For this reason, electric heaters are preferred.


Electric heaters rank among the most efficient of all heating equipment.  There is no combustion loss in the heating process since this works on electric resistance heating. Unlike air conditioners, heat pumps are nearly 350 percent more efficient, making them the clear winner.

Capital cost

Heating with an electric heater is more expensive.  As a result, an electric heater is more affordable than a gas heater.

Environmental impact

Heater pumps have a much lower environmental impact than electric heaters. The carbon footprint of an electric heater varies between five and ten times greater than that of an electric heater.

Energy cost

Thermal energy is consumed more efficiently by an electric heater. Hence, we will see a 50 percent cost-benefit if we install a heat pump.

Maintenance cost

Another crucial factor in choosing electric heaters and heat pumps is the cost of maintenance and service. Both maintenance costs are, however, the same, according to experts.

Longevity of the unit

The homeowner may not need to go for a new heating installation in Staten Island or Brooklyn every now and then. A heat pump lasts for more than 15 years, compared to about 10 years for an electric heater. It is therefore obvious that heat pumps are superior.

A heat pump is a more popular choice than an electrical heater, despite the fact that the choice depends on the homeowner.